Chi Em Gai Vietnamese Restaurant Review

There isn't plenty of authentic Vietnamese food in the metro but I'm glad that they started to pop-out already so the hunt won't no longer be too long! Just recently, we found Chi Em Gai in Quezon City, and here's my full review:

What is Chi Em Gai Vietnamese Restaurant?

Chi Em Gai literally means 'sister' in the Vietnamese language. Thus, this gives us the idea that the restaurant welcomes you as a family. Having their branch in the busy district of Eton Centris. It will take you about a minute walk from MRT but it is all worth it! Their food is fresh and I'm pretty sure that you'll gonna love it.


Chi Em Gai restaurant is located in Eton Centris Walk which makes it accessible via MRT and would just take a few steps from the Quezon ave station to the restaurant itself. It's a little bit hard to find for those who aren't really familiar with the location especially a Southie like me.

But then, it's worth it since the venue has plenty of Vietnam feel from the interiors, the wall designs, and the small finishes like the decors on top of their counters. The huge mirror also gave a feel of extension to the venue. They have enough tables for group dining and those going solo.


I am glad that I actually tried the food in this restaurant. They have plenty of fresh good food available on their menu. To start it off, their egg coffee is a must-try. It's a raw egg served with a mini-candle set-up to maintain the heat of the coffee. If you want it cold, you may try it with the chilled version. It comes with ice cream on top too!

Carnivores would enjoy their huge kebab having a vinaigrette sauce that has a taste that's quite comparable to atchara's sauce. Believe us when we say that the serving is really huge and the veggies too are fresh and well-done. As a person who often does Barbeque marinades, they have a pretty good recipe for this one that would make you keep coming back. 

Moving on, what's Vietnamese food without spring rolls? There are two variations of spring rolls, one comes fried and one is fresh. Both are good so if you are coming in groups, it is highly suggested that you try both. Their spring roll is crispy outside and fresh inside. Expect a burst of fresh flavors on their spring roll especially the fresh ones since it contains a variety of veggies with a choice of meat (chicken, shrimp or pork) and peanut sauce.

Here's a sample of their pork and chicken fresh spring roll! It is the size of a regular lumpia that you often see around. I am quite used to the bite-sized spring roll style so this is actually my first time seeing a full-sized fresh roll. Well, it's just the size difference anyway.

Moving on to the vegetable dishes, it's pretty cool that they are serving everything here with a huge portion. I am not usually into veggies but it's mixed with either chicken or pork so I don't have a problem with it at all. Plus, the best part is that they are good at making sauces that it varies from one dish to another, making every bite exciting.

Looking at the portions of their food. the taste and the presentation, this resto is a true gem in the city and I wish more people would actually try it. The first photo is seasoned chicken which can be shared by a number of people. While the second one is their pho, the highlight of their menu!

I've been trying a number of  Pho in Vietnamese restaurants near our place and this one is still memorable for me. Taking a look at the presentation, it's already mouth-watering and insta-worthy. Yet, more than that, the taste is refreshing. it has that sour, sweet, salty taste I am looking for a Pho plus you can customize it given that they have a separate serving of add-ons.


There's really nothing to worry about their pricing, they have meals for solo diners (roughly around 200-350 pesos only) and they also have meals perfect for sharing already.

Ella's Recommendation

1. Chi Em Gai is a perfect place for those who wish good food at a reasonable price.
2. There are plenty of must-try dishes on their menu but if you are new to Vietnamese food, the spring rolls, pho, and egg coffee are must-tries.
3. If you aren't familiar with the place, I suggest that you try asking the location of Eton Centris Walk first before locating the restaurant itself. 


Cluster 2, Retail 13, Eton Centris Walk Edsa cor Quezon Avenue, Quezon City