Karate Kid's Unlimited Tempura for only 199 pesos

Up for an hour of unlimited tempura for only 199 pesos? Karate Kid offers a sumptuous Japanese shrimp and crab tempura right at the heart of Robinsons Place Manila. Here's what you can expect:

What is Karate Kid?

Karate Kid is an affordable Japanese fast food that offers tempura lunch boxes,  99 peso-meals, Japanese-inspired snacks, and desserts probably with the lowest prices I've seen in Metro Manila. This low-key restaurant is perfect for fast-phased people who just need to fill in their stomach before a meeting and has a sudden craving for Japanese food.


I am a regular of Karate Kid in Farmers Mall Cubao so I've tried most of their meals but this is the first time that I tried the Robinsons Manila branch and even the unlimited tempura for only 199 pesos. The restaurant is located at the fourth level of Robinsons Manila and it is quite difficult for people to actually notice since the food court is located at the third level and only those who have business at the 4th level or those planning to watch cinema will be passersby here.


My friend and I tried the Karate Kid unlimited tempura at 199 pesos. This is inclusive of unlimited tempura, sauce, and rice. Plus an additional amount for drinks if you prefer to have red tea. The first order will be given and a clock will be set-up on your table. The clock will start ticking once the first order arrives. You'll be receiving three pieces of shrimp and three pieces of crab tempura on your first order. From then on, you just need to order more if you want rice or tempura only.

We normally order another plate of tempura whenever we reach half of our food since we only have an hour to eat and there are times wherein they still need some time to cook for the next batch. The batch served on us is freshly cooked. It's still very hot and crispy. 

For the price of 199 having an hour of this tempura. It's already a great deal. Their sauce is just the usual sweet and savory sauce often served in other tempura stalls. In case you have an extra budget, I suggest that you also order side dishes (sidekicks as they call it). The most suggested ones are Yakisoba and California Maki. If you have more budget, then the sushi is a must-try as well.

In an hour, my friend and I got to order five extra plates each with a total of 42 tempura for both of us. That's about 21 pcs each for each of us so this is cheaper than buying it ala carte.

Ella's Recommendation
I actually just tried the tempura out of curiosity but if I am to come back, I would still go for their 'Mura Ito' meals at 99 meals and have it upgraded with sidekicks at 60 pesos additional. Given that price, I would only pay a total of 159 pesos and have a variety of food already.

I've tried all the said meals but what I love the most are the sisig and spicy calamari. The 60 pesos upgrade already includes 2 pieces of California Maki, 2 pieces of potato balls, and yakisoba. Also, a glass of red tea. But then if you are really a fan of tempura, then the 199 unlimited tempura is the best way to go.


Fourth Floor, Robinsons Place Manila, Ermita, Manila