Kpub BBQ Meat-All-You-Can Review

KPub BBQ used to be home to our favorite fangirling moments. Here’s a little story about me as s fangirl and this resto as our 2nd home in terms of all the good old fangirling memories.

What is Kpub BBQ?

Kpub BBQ is one of the pioneer and popular Korean restaurants that serve unlimited KBBQ. is home to kpop fans so the ambiance says it all. The poster of SJ and Bigbang beside one another feels like my era is still alive. More than that, they were one of the first few Korean restaurants that showcased Korean idols and gave the fans a chance to meet them up close and personal.


Weekdays: 499 pesos unlimited pork and beef + buffet + 1 serving of cheese (good for 1hr)
Weekends/dinner: 599 pesos (same inclusion as above)
They have an unlimited version with the unli time too for a different price.
They also have ala carte meals and I highly recommend their Bibimbap!!!

Note: I used a 1500 pesos worth gift certificate from Kpub BBQ which I got from an Instagram contest. I just paid the excess on the receipt.


Probably the most nostalgic Korean restaurant among the other Korean restos I've been to, Kpub satisfied my Kpop fangirling needs and the best of Korean food in a single place. To give a little background, Kpub is where I had my first dinner date with a Kpop group called M.pire. I dined when boys republic and B1A4 also visited. That time, there’s only the BGC branch. I also met NOM, Ukiss, and Laboum ~ basically the groups that I loved back then.

I had a bad experience when I joined their online raffle for a chance to meet the Boys Republic because we had a serious waste of time claiming the prize. That was also the time that I decided to patronize their resto. To summarize the happenings, it's a disaster.

Yet, event opportunities arise, there was an event wherein I had to work for AxisB as their event translator for that day. Also, when AXM (alexander and Marucci) had their press conference, I had to visit their Trinoma branch and I admit that there’s a huge improvement in terms of the food quality compared to how it used to be before.


My parents and I tried the Meat-All-You-Can (1 Hour unlimited meat and buffet). There were about 10-15 dishes available on the buffet table. It was already 1PM when we visited so there were only two tables occupied, that already includes ours. Not sure if they often refill it or we are quite past lunchtime so it is no longer filled) but the quality is still good even if it is no longer hot. 

The one hour EAT and RUN (Beat the clock) Order all you can is priced at 599 per head. This price is actually more expensive than other Korean restaurant's unlimited offers. Hence, they have a buffet to go along with it. The question is, is the price actually worth it? Well, the food at the buffet is good but I find it lacking. These are some of the buffet choices that I can find in other restaurants too at a lower price. Plus, I am hoping to see more food at the buffet table but the choices are mostly the common side dishes like kimchi. 


Their poster says there is steamed egg, pajeon, kimchi fried rice, house salad, and lettuce but the only available ones among the list are the kimchi fried rice and lettuce. But then, these are some of the ones that serve as a replacement. They have mac and cheese which is actually a surprise because it is not Korean food but the taste is great is there's no problem with that. 

Moving. my favorite among the ones served here is the Jeyuk Bokkum. It is a spicy stir-fried pork recipe having a kick of spiciness, sweetness and gochujang taste. So far, they have one of the best Jeyuk Bokkum that I've tried. I remember visiting their BGC to order an ala carte of this and bibimbap back then. Actually, Kpub also sells ala carte meals and it is perfect if you are alone trying to find Korean food and wouldn't want to spend so much for a meal.

Moving on to the ones on the buffet menu, of course, they have all-time favorite Kimchi. Also, I am a little bit disappointed that the naked kimbap only contains cucumber, carrot, and crab stick because my favorite ingredient is the damuji (the yellow pickled radish).

The last thing is the meat. Since we came here for the BBQ, it is a good thing that their meat is still in its premium quality. The grill is taking a while before it gets cooked but it's okay since it is bigger than the usual grill so you can put more than the usual size. It is also smokeless so you won't smell like BBQ once you finish eating. They have a free one serving of cheese sauce per grill.
The staffs are really nice. They often smile and this is something that I highly appreciate here than other Kbbq because they don’t normally smile that you don’t really feel welcome. One of their staff (Shiela) is always helpful especially when I accidentally spilled water on our grill.

Ella's Recommendation

1. Kpub is still the best place for Kpop events and gatherings. Given the huge space, the LED screen, and the stage, this is where the party should keep rollin.' Plus the kpop music/ kdrama songs background. This is still the best venue for gatherings.

2. As for the food, if you are to bring your family or friends, I will still suggest doing ala carte but if you are quite a fast eater then the 1-hour deal is good to go.


4th floor, Roofdeck, Glorietta 1, Ayala Center, Makati