Pal Danji Korean Barbeque experience in Cubao

Pal Danji is a Korean Restaurant that serves unlimited Korean BBQ located in the same building as the New Frontier Theater in Araneta City Cubao. They boast of authentic Korean taste for their dishes and I must agree with it since I tried it first hand.

What is Pal Danji Restaurant?

Pal Danji is an unlimited Korean BBQ restaurant that makes use of stone grill making the food taste more authentic. I initially thought that it's just another Korean resto you can skip in town but when my friend and I finally tried it, it eventually enters my top 10 samgyupsal place favorites. They offer a variety of original and flavor meat flavors and a number of side dishes to go along with it.


The restaurant is pretty busy when we arrived at about 1:30 PM. My friend and I planned to take a late lunch and we can't decide what to eat so we ended up having Korean BBQ. It's a weekend that's probably why it's jam-packed so we had to wait in line for about 20 minutes. They have a waiting area outside so there's not much to worry about.

The place is quite spacious than how it looks from the outside. We were directed towards the farthest one which is near the staff room and stairs. It was okay when we started but it gets really hot when we had our first grill. It was really hot that I keep drinking water. it is quite impossible to find an available seat to ask for a different seat so we just decided to go on with our food.


388 for unli pork / 488 for unli beef
Only the first order of cheese corn sauce and tteokbokki is free 


The food quality is good as they have a selection for the meats having the plain and marinated ones. It's just that their service isn't that competitive yet. It will often require you two to three follow-ups before your order arrives. More so, on our four meat orders, only two were right. Anyway, the wrong orders were still good. I guess their servers were quite new so they are still confused with what's on their menu. I also noticed that they gave the wrong order to the table next to us but it seems that the guests weren't really aware of it.

They serve side dishes separately per person and that's a plus point for me. The side dishes include kimchi, egg plant kimchi, two types of radish side dishes, the kimchi one, and the pickled one. I am a fan of their side dishes given that the taste is similar to that of what the parents of my previous students usually prepare for us for dinner. These side dishes can be refilled for free.

We were also served with stew, cheese corn and tteokbokki. Their menu says that unlimited meat includes only a single serving and you just need to pay more if you wish to order.  I am confused as they didn’t charge us for the additional cheese sauce we ordered. By the way, the cheese sauce contains a generous amount of corn.

Moving on, their tteokbokki is one of my favorites here. It's cool that they actually have this as a side dish with no additional cost at all for the first order. Given that the serving is good for sharing too. It is well-cooked, not chewy at all, and would surely remind you of South Korea's street food because the taste is super legit.

Here are the veggies and stew. The stew doesn't really look so appetizing but it tastes pretty much the traditional ones served in a Korean table.

They also have a serving of steamed egg. They'll be asking you if you wish to have one once you place your first meat order. I like the texture of it too. 

Ella's Recommendation

1. Waiting time differs, it might take longer during weekends
2. this is the best place to do after-party (right after fangirling in Araneta Coliseum or New Frontier Theater)


New Frontier Theater, Araneta City, Cubao Quezon City