Siargao: Daku Island

Daku Island, being the second stop in the three-island itinerary in Siargao has a different vibe compared to Naked Island. It has more trees and has cottages for rent. There are stores that sell chips and sodas if you didn't bring your own snacks. More so, this is the best stop to do your boodle fight because they have fresh seafood paluto perfect for that most-awaited lunch.

How to get there?

This is the second stop for the three-island tour. It will only take about 10 minutes from Naked Island to this island.


There are no entrance fees on this island.
The rent for the cottage is 250 pesos.
You can ask the locals for the cooking price of the food you wish to eat and they are genuinely nice to help you out pick the freshest seafood for the same price of those available at the public market. 

Daku Island is also a white sand area and it is bigger than Naked Island. It has a number of coconut trees and a few huts to rent and occupy during your tour. More so, there are locals in this area and they are very friendly and helpful with tourists. We stayed here for about two hours as we plan to maximize our time here to eat, swim and drink.

Aside from this buko (fresh coconut juice) priced roughly around 50 pesos each, we tried the spider conch (locally known as Saang) and can only be found on this island. This is sold around 250-350 pesos per plate (good for sharing) depending on the season. I wasn't able to take a photo of it because the boys we are with were already busy digging into this dish (cooked as calamari) and I just tried a few ones and went back swimming. 

The only struggle I had with the coconut juice is that it made use of rolled fresh leaves so the juice itself leaks and there's no way you can get the coconut meat so the boys decided to cut it which I find a hassle to do. Better bring your own straw. 

Ella's Recommendation

1. The cottage price here is already good for 6-12 people depending on the cottage you'll be occupying. 

2. I suggest that you just buy the food here if you plan to eat seafood since the price is competitive and it's the same price you can buy at the market. 1,000 pesos will already feed four to five people and that's already inclusive of the cooking fee.

3. The area is also safe for kids to swim but make sure to keep an eye on them always.