Siargao: Maasin Enchanted River

The Maasin Enchanted River in Siargao Island is home to the famous coconut tree rope swing. It will take about 15 to 20 min boat ride to be able to tour around the river via boat. Here's what you can expect in this tourist spot:


The Entrance Fee is at 40 pesos plus 10 pesos environmental fee per head
The River Boat Rental is at 500 pesos per boat. We were told that only two can ride as well. 

What to expect at the Maasin Enchanted River?

This area is one of the most picturesque and cleanest water here. The best time to visit for picture taking is morning since there aren't many tourists yet and you only hear the sound of the water whenever there are people swinging on the palm tree and dropping on the water.

How to get there?

It is a 25-30 minute drive from General Luna, where I stayed at. This is the second stop on our Binggo Tour. We came here through their so-called 'Binggo,' a type of tricycle that can fit four people including the driver. The rent for the said vehicle is at  2,000 pesos inclusive of the fuel charge and the driver fee for 10 hours of the tour. You can check on their updated rates here: Binggo Siargao: Tuktuk Rate.

Shops and Souvenirs

At the entrance, you will already notice the shops selling Maasin Enchanted River and Siargao Handmade Souvenirs. One thing I noticed is that the souvenir prices in Siargao are relatively more affordable than other provinces I've visited despite its fame for tourists. The price of the items is actually the same price that locals do buy in their public market. It is best to check on their handmade goods especially the coconut-made and seashell items.

Aside from the souvenirs, they also sell fruit shakes and other refreshments at less than a hundred pesos for a cup of fresh banana, mango, avocado, carrot, apple, or other seasonal fruits.

At the entrance, there's a small nipa hut where you pay for the entrance fees. This is also where they offer you to rent a boat that you can use to paddle and check on the river. We were told that the boat rental is at 500 pesos and that's already good for two.

As we proceed to the coconut swing, we found that that there is also boatman roaming around to fish. I am not sure what type of fishes can be caught here but I find it cool that locals here are self-sustaining and they are nice with the tourists. The locals here are very hospitable and easy to communicate with. In fact, they speak English better than Tagalog.

The palm tree swing experience is a must when you visit this tourist spot. The swing is where most of the tourists enjoyed taking photos and videos. You can line-up and climb up too for a scenic view of the river and jump off too right after. You may want to swim in the river and the water is pretty cold in the morning. The water's temperature is perfect for the warm weather, especially during summer.

In case you wish a good photo in the middle of the river, there's a raft that you can ride on for photo purposes only and the price for picture taking is at 10 pesos per person. The owner of the raft is also nice enough to help you, assist you, and even take photos too if needed.

Additional information:

1. There are water floater rentals too if needed.
2. The boat ride could possibly take around 15-20 minutes.
3.  The entrance for the river is located under the bridge. There are local tour guides who are offering tours so you may want to try it too.