Siargao: Naked Island

Naked Island is a part of the three-island itinerary when you visit Siargao. This is the first stop from The Boulevard which is the meeting point for this tour. Here's what to expect on this island.

How to get there?

There are tours that offer three-island itinerary at around 1,000 to 1,500 pesos (per head) covering all the tour fees, the boat ride, entrance fee, and cottage fees for all the islands you'll be visiting. But since I am with locals, we just rented a boat at 2,000 pesos but we are the ones to pay for the entrance fee in Guyam and the cottage in Daku Island.


There are no fees on this island.

What to expect on Naked Island?

Going to the island, there will be a 15-minute boat ride and you'll know that you are almost approaching the island when you see this surfing rest tower nearby. Probably the thing that amazed me the most is the fact that the three-island tour is never bothersome for those who do not want to feel disconnected from their friends and families on social media. The signal here is better than anywhere else. Even better than the signal of Smart in my house. 

Naked Island live to its name given that there is actually nothing to see on this island except for the white sand, clear waters, and a few stomps to dock boats. We arrived here at around 1PM but it's not super hot at all. The number of tourists whether local or not are normally counted here to avoid crowd and to preserve the island so it looks like we are the only group who visited at that time.

Knowing that we are only a few here, we have the own island to take photos, randomly jump around and spend about an hour soaking ourselves on the water. The water is a little bit cold at that time but it's still tolerable so there's nothing much to worry about. Plus, they told me that it is highly suggested to remove accessories since it is a naked island and it is safer not to wear or bring anything that can be a cause for electrocution if it rains heavily and there's lightning.

As the photo already shows, a tourist visiting this island can still freely use their phones to upload photos on the spot because data works perfectly fine. The view here is pretty simple so there's nothing much to take photos of and you have more time to swim and bond with your squad.

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Ella's Recommendation 

1. There's nothing to worry about if you plan to come here during noon time but put a thicker sunblock so you won't get so dark.

2. The most time you can spend here is probably 30 mins to an hour because there are more attractions in the next two islands.