Siargao: Coffee Tasting at MA+D Siargao

Being a coffee lover, the MA+D Siargao as the first stop of the Bathala Land Tour is one the best activity to start your day and keep you awake throughout the tour. Here's what actually happened in the coffee tasting activity:

What is MA+D Siargao?

MA+D Siargao is a non-government organization working with coffee farmers from all over the Philippines to promote local coffee products in Siargao, Manila, and furthermore, all over the Philippines and the world. Aside from running the coffee shop, they also conduct and participate in coffee tasting activities to introduce various types of coffee to tourists and promote locally produced beans harvested in different provinces all over the archipelago.


The price is the usual coffee and bread shops around Siargao.
Expect to spend from 120 to 200 pesos for a drink or food.
The coffee tasting activity is a part of the Bathala Land Tours priced at 2,000 pesos (full tour experience)


The coffee shop is located in Abukay resort, they have stools where you can sit in front of the barista as he prepares your drink and food or you may opt to seat on the benches and appreciate nature. Yep, this coffee and snack bar is in front of the beach!

As part of the coffee tasting activity, we got introduced to the history of coffee in the Philippines. The walkthrough on its history includes a bit of introduction to the types of coffee and where it came from. Here's a map of the Philippine coffee heritage and I recently checked on their page and found out that they have postcards of this available already.

Omar, one of the owners and barista in MA+D Siargao gave us tips and a few brewing techniques for certain types of coffee. We were introduced to four kinds of beans harvested in different provinces in the Philippines. The said provinces are where their supported local farmers are working at.

Here's a photo you can smell! Kidding aside, it was a cool experience. I am a fan of coffee but I usually just buy some from coffee shops without caring much about where or what type of coffee I am consuming. It is cool that I can now explain how robusta and arabica tastes. 

One of the best paninis I've tried, this tuna panini made use of their special homemade sourdough bread designed as pan de surf and is toasted to perfection before serving. The tuna filling is just your usual tun mayo mix but the texture of the bread made this one really good! You can even hear the cracking of the crust as you bite it. It has an additional mayo sauce too.

Ella's Recommendation

This coffee shop is open from 9 AM to 5PM every day except Thursdays so make sure to drop by. You will seriously love their coffee and the beach view.


Abukay Beach House
Tourism Road, General Luna