How's Mister Kebab's Middle East and Mediterranean food?

I am not much into Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Food but I crave kebab from time to time given that barbeque is already a part of every Filipino's life and their rice is quite special too. I tried Mister Kebab's food in Cubao and here's the verdict.

What is Mister Kebab?

Mister Kebab serves authentic Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food. Located in the prime busy district of Manhattan Parkview in Araneta City Cubao, Quezon City, the restaurant also gives a feel of modern Mediterranean vibes.


Taking a look at their interiors, it's quite obvious from the outside that it is Mediterranean style. It has a simple yet cozy feel and the restaurant contains some decors that would remind you of eastern style movies. Plus, the yellow and white somehow brightens up the mood. There are brick wall wallpapers too and most of its displays are placed in arc-like shelves.

The only bad side is that we were seated in an area where the aircon leaks and drop of water dropped on our table so it's quite a hassle that we have to move to another area. Anyway, looking at the brighter side, they have wifi so you can surf online as you wait for your order.


Before attending a concert in Araneta Coliseum, my friend and I decided to check on the restaurants located in Manhattan Parkview and so we ended up smelling the mouth-watery scent of kebab. Thus, we entered Mr. Kebab. I ordered Chicken Special Chelo Kebab (195 pesos) and upgraded mine with basmati rice with an additional of 90 pesos. While my friend ordered Beef Chelo Special Kebab (220 pesos)

The Chicken Special Chelo Kebab comes with two huge sticks of grilled chicken, grilled tomatoes, and a slice of butter. What's amazing is that the portion of rice is quite huge that it's already good for two especially the basmati rice that I ordered. I wasn't able to finish the whole serving of rice actually. Basmati rice is long rice grains that are a little bit dry so I suggest that you order a soup dish too. I still like the texture though. Chicken is a bit dry but tasty. They have a sauce for it so there's nothing to worry at all. 

Moving on to my friend's order, she made me try it too. I wish I just ordered the same as hers given that the beef is super tasty. The mere fact that it smelled like shawarma is a plus point for me. Plus the serving size of Beef Chelo Special Kebab is just enough to make you full. I think the lacking part of their dish is just the presentation but the taste is good! The sauce is the same as what is usually served for shawarma so it's a perfect combination already. 

Ella's Recommendation

1. Their kebab is super legit so it's a must-try. Plus the sauce is good so it is highly recommended.
2. I suggest that you really order soup if you plan to try basmati rice.
3. The location is accessible but a lit bit difficult to find if you are not familiar with the place, landmark could be the Araneta parking lot and that's just across Manhattan Parkway.


Ground Floor, Manhattan Parkview
Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City