Propaganda Vietnamese Bistro: must try restaurant in Greenbelt, Makati

I crave Vietnamese food from time to time especially Bahn Mi and Pho. Since I normally struggle to find a good place to eat Bahn Mi around our neighborhood. I normally visit Glorietta, Greenbelt, or Landmark since it's one of the nearest malls in my place and I must agree that this bistro is a gem in the city.

What is Propaganda Vietnamese Bistro?

Propaganda Vietnamese Bistro is a casual dining restaurant located at the 2nd floor of Greenbelt. It is a chic Vietnamese Bistro that can be your next favorite Vietnamese food place in the area as they offer generous portions for their dishes and a cocktail bar where you can order a good cocktail mix for that most wanted booze. 


Given that it is located in a prime mall-like Greenbelt, it lived to its expectations of having a cozy cafe-like interior with full-airconditioned dining but at the same time, they have an alfresco area for those who wanted to enjoy the view of Greenbelt. The place seems to give a perfect vibe for private friendly talks with your friends or dinner dates with your loved ones. I guess it is also a perfect after workplace if you wanna have me time given that it has a bar for cocktails.

While waiting for my food I noticed the cute details of the drink coaster, the food napkin, and their seasoning holder as it seems to be properly branded as well. Loving the details of the artworks too!


And as you actually wait for your food to arrive, they have peanuts that you can munch on. This is super perfect with their Calamansi mojito. This cocktail contains Bacardi Rum, brown sugar, calamansi and mint and priced at 180 pesos. What's good about this drink is that it already has a strong kick for the booze that you are looking for. 

I am not much into a fried spring roll and so this is probably the least that I appreciated on the ones served to us. Their fried spring rolls contain pork prawns, glass noodles, and fish sauce (250 pesos) and the dip is somehow similar to the usual dip for fried rolls. It's also cool that they have greens to go with the rolls so it won't be too greasy when you eat.

I love their fresh rolls with lemongrass, tofu, rice noodles, greens, and soy sauce (250 pesos). It is bite-sized so it is easier to munch on it while eating Pho. It might not contain any meat but still the freshness of the roll makes it more interesting every bite. This dish is good for sharing especially when you order Bhan Mi or Pho. Since I am getting used to eating alone after work, I wish they would have set meals where we can order half of this to come with half of the Bahn Mi since I love both but the serving size is too large to finish.

Their Rue rice noodle soup with beef, fresh greens, and bean sprouts is priced at (450 pesos). This is quite expensive for the usual Pho that I order from other restaurants and the serving size is just the same as the others I've tried. But then, it seems that this dish is cooked with longer hours of boiling time as the soup contains better taste and stronger flavors. 

Moving on to my favorite, the Barbeque Chicken Banh Mi with Chili Mayonaise, Veggies, and Pickles & French Fries priced at 350 pesos is seriously a must-try. You might think that it is quite expensive but the serving is huge, the taste is great and the flavors are bursting every bite. You know that the ingredients are fresh the chicken is nicely seasoned.

Here's a look at the Bahn Mi's stuffing. Just imagine the huge bite you'll be making with all these ingredients complementing each other as you chew. Anyway, I also tried their sticky coconut rice with fresh mango and coconut cream (150 pesos) and Banana fritters with homemade dark chocolate ice cream (150 pesos) but I can't seem to find where I saved the photos. They are both good anyway. 

Ella's Recommendation

1. As you can notice, it is quite pricey given the ambiance, food, and location so I suggest that you visit here with a friend so that you can chip in and try variety of dishes too. 

2. The restaurant isn't well-noticeable as you pass by the mall so if you are coming, you might wanna check their exact location first before visiting. 


Level 2, Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Greenbelt, Makati City