Siargao: Tri-Island Itinerary (Naked, Daku and Guyam)

The tri-island tour in Siargao is one itinerary that you must include in your bucket list when visiting this island. Due to its popularity, you are required to come to The Boulevard to book your own boat for the tour.


The tri-island tour is offered at 1,500 pesos per head for the packaged tour but if you plan to have it DIY like we did, we paid 2,500 pesos for the rental of a boat for eight people but we have to pay all the entrance fees and food for this tour. The boat fee differs on the number of people and the season.

What to expect on this itinerary?

From the resort I stayed at which is Harana, The Boulevard is just 10-15 mins. away via tricycle or motorcycle. If commuting, the tricycle is only at 20 pesos per head only. We left the resort at 1PM and stayed at The Boulevard for around 30 mins for us to be able to book a boat for the tour. Since I am with the locals, we do not really need a tourist guide for this tour but doing it DIY won't be different at all.

Here are some of the boats available at The Boulevard. The boatman here is usually nice and quiet, they would only speak if you talk to them and they are more comfortable speaking in English than Tagalog. 

As for the fees, they have staff at The Boulevard who coordinates everything so that the number of tourists will be counted and the names must be lined-up for accounting and safety purposes. They will be asking for your full name so if you are sending someone in advance to book for your tour, give him/her the complete list of your names ahead.

We left The Boulevard as soon as we got a boat and paid for all the fees! It was still too hot at that time but the heat during this season is still bearable. This is my last island tour in Siargao and so I am all set for the swim!

I wrote a separate blog for each of the islands so you would know more about it in detail. The Naked Island is the first stop on the three-island itinerary. Given its name 'naked,' there's nothing much to see on the island aside from its blue waters and white sand beach.  

What I love the most about visiting the island is that despite it being far from the beach coast, the internet connection here is still strong. It will only take about 15 minutes from The Boulevard to reach the naked island. As well, there are no fees to pay here. 

Daku Island is the biggest among the islands included in this tour. It has the most number of cottages, establishments, and people since they have the 'paluto' wherein you can buy fresh seafood and ask the locals to cook it for you with a small fee. This is also home to the 'saang' (spider conch/ spider sea shell). 

Aside from its white sand beach and blue waters, they have more trees making it a place perfect for drinking buko juice on your rented cottage. There are no fees for this island as well except for the rent on cottage and the food you wish to eat.

On to the last leg of the tour, we spent the sunset at Guyam Island. The size of the island is somehow comparable to Naked Island except that it has more trees and structures. The entrance fee for Guyam is at 30 pesos per head but it is worth it given the number of manmade photo spots that you can enjoy taking photos for the gram.

Plus, it has the most relaxing scenery and is highly suggested to visit before the sunset so you'll get the best skyline colors for your photos. The island is also white sand and has plenty of coconut trees and smaller trees that complements well with the sceneries too.

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After taking enough photos, we went back to The Boulevard where we parked our motorcycles. What interests me the most here is that they've been known for being an eco-friendly island and they encourage their people to use lesser plastic but if not, they are rewarded for recycling. 

The poster here says a kilo of plastic bottles is convertible to a kilo of rice. I hope more cities and provinces in the Philippines will actually apply this way of living so more people will be encouraged to support recycling.