Quiapo: Pastora's Best Palabok

Bobet and Mayet Pastora's Pancit Palabok and Halo-Halo are one of the top-hits in Quiapo that you shouldn't miss when you visit Manila. In fact, it has been my family's all-time favorite comfort food after visiting the Quiapo church or shopping along Quiapo's street market.

What is Pastora?

Patora is one of the longest-running Palabok businesses in the Philippines. They've been famed for their Special Palabok (Pancit Luglog) and palabok has been featured in numerous television programs and newspapers.


The price of Palabok is at 60 pesos per order.
For huge orders, they have difference bilao sizes with the following sizes and price:
'12 at 450 pesos, '13 at 650 pesos, '14 at 750 pesos and '15 at 850 pesos.


Don't expect too much on the location since they are located under the Manuel L.Quezon Bridge but this is far better than the other carinderias out there. It's clean and spacious enough for a number of people to eat together. It's a little hot but definitely tolerable. The place too is clean!


I and my family is proud regular of this stall. Quiapo visits will never be complete without a meal here. In fact, even before the days when their food stall is still in the wet market and the chairs were still the sturdy long wood, we were already eating here. The best part? Only the location changed, the recipe, the serving size, and the taste are still the same.

So what makes Pastora's Palabok the best Pancit Luglog in Metro Manila? Well, it's the ingredients having the crunchiest well-seasoned chicharon and squid. Their secret sauce is something that blends well with the palabok making the smell of this dish appetizing once served and the ingredients complement well once mixed. 

Their palabok is best paired with their puto! Or if not, you may want to try their halo-halo as a dessert after feasting on your meal. They used to have other pancit dishes before but their palabok is the most famous one that it easily gets sold out in the afternoon especially during weekends.

Ella's Recommendation

They do not have deliveries yet but you can order and have it picked-up once it is cooked. We often order pancit luglog too for take-outs because everyone at home really loves it. Look at how overwhelming the toppings are! If you are a fan of Palabok, then this is the best place to try it.


Carlos Palanca, Quiapo, Manila