Romantic Baboy's Unlimited Samgyupsal Review

I finally got to try their unli-BBQ experience in one of Romantic Baboy's branches. This is one of the hot places that has been circulating online for their special cheese sauce and their roses for diners. Here's my experience:

What is Romantic Baboy?

Romantic Baboy is a Korean restaurant with numerous branches in Metro Manila. Their fame online is undeniable given that they are one of the first few restaurants that included unlimited cheese as a part of their side dish. Plus the fact that they give roses to their customers. 


My friend and I visited here around 9PM and I am pretty surprised that the restaurant isn't full. We got a table as soon as we arrived. The branch we visited is located on the second floor but it is noticeable to passersby. The one we tried is unlimited pork and beef at 499 pesos.


The restaurant is quite darker than the usual K-BBQ places I visited. I am not sure if it is just this branch or that's the overall lighting for their restaurant. We were seated in front of a screen playing Kpop videos so it isn't boring at all. After all, we are here to eat so a little decor is enough.


When we arrived, there is already a grill with kimchi and cheese on our table. They added the charcoal as soon as we get into our seats. It didn't take long before we were given the menu where we can choose the meat that we could order. You have two unli-sets to choose from, either pork only or pork and beef. 

We ordered two types of meat for our first order. Well, we got to try all the available meat choices from their menu. I have to say that the marinate is good. The quality too is there. It took us a while before our meat gets cooked since there isn't enough charcoal on the grill. Meanwhile, the next table to us seems to not know how to grill properly that all the smoke coming from their table is already choking me. I am coughing pretty bad while eating.

They've been getting enough help from the staff. In fact, their grill has been changed four times already but they kept on burning the meat and the grill itself. Aside from the choking feeling, I already smell like a burnt BBQ. 

Their Kimchi is somehow adjusted to Filipino taste. It lacks the spicy kick I am looking for but it would definitely be a favorite of Filipinos given that it is adjusted already. More so, they are generous with their cheese sauce. It didn't take long before the sauce gets thick so it's now perfect as a dip for the meat.

Their side dishes include fish cake, salad, sweet potato, onion, and radish pickles. I am expecting a bit more on Romantic Baboy because of the fad online but I am a little disappointed on the side dishes given that the price is the same as other restaurants out there. Well, it's a good thing that they have fish cake.

Ella's Recommendation

1. It's true that their meats are premium but I can't really stand the side dishes. I wish they change it to better ones. I love the cheese dip though. If you are into meats than side dishes, this place is for you.

2. I might give it another try since the situation (the next table to us) made my first experience here worse. And I might probably try it on a different branch. 


252, Burgundy Corporate Tower, 2/F Sen. Gil J. Puyat Ave, Makati, Metro Manila