SeCham: Makati's hideout for your next instant noodle cravings

SeCham is a snack bar and a go-to-place if you are in sudden cravings for Korean Instant Noodles. If you are working in the busy district of Ayala or passer-by along Dela Rosa St., this food joint is a must try and here's why:

What is SeCham?

photo from Secham's Facebook Page
Aside from my quick introduction of SeCham on the heading of this blog. I got to know SeCham after a lot of social media posts made the snack bar popular before. I remember that it was the time wherein the fame of Descendants of the Sun and Goblin are taking over our newsfeeds and the restaurant has its own cutie stuff toys of Big Boss and buckwheat.


Expect to pay only about 120 pesos to 300 pesos depending on your order.


The snack bar is located along with the stalls of a parking lot area in Makati, the Dela Rosa Carpark 1, so expect a number of busy fast-phased people dining here and leaving in a flash. The area is little narrow with a few seats to dine at.

Anyway, they have nice staff too so it kinda feels homey dining here. Also, since this is only a snack bar, I suggest that the maximum time of your dining is only 30 mins to give way to other diners especially during lunch or dinner time.


photo from Secham's Facebook Page
They have a shelf filled with a row of instant noodle types and brands that you can buy for take-out or munch on while watching music videos randomly played in their dining area. They also have Korean snacks and Kim which can go along with the noodles. Most importantly, they have cider, coffee and banana milk. All are Korean brands. 

The way to go is to pick the noodles you wish to eat, pick a snack, and drink if you want to add on your order and pay it at the counter. At the counter, they'll be asking you if you wish to add egg or cheese on your order. You may also place your additional order like rice meals at the same time. I am actually surprised to see that they use a Viber with a number for your order. For a small snack bar, they got to incorporate technology on foodservice and that's a total plus point for them!

My order is the instant Jajjangmyeon which I never wanted plain so I got it like this. I paid for about 150 pesos for this meal including Kim already. The noodles already include free Kimchi and an additional amount for the iced tea. It's cool that they actually invested on the bowls used in Korean dramas. Thus, giving us a feel of legit Kdrama scenes wherein the actors or actresses eat directly on the pot where the noodles got cooked. 

they also expanded their menu from noodles and drinks to kimbap, kimchi fried rice, Korean street toast, Japchae, Bulgogi, Bibimbap and Jjimdak, Gyeran Ppang and even ice creams.

Ella's Recommendation

1. I love the fact that the snack bar plays random Korean music videos that are literally giving us a vibe of Korea! If you have workmates or classmates who are Kpop fans, you may want to try buying snacks from here.

2. There's a price difference for take-out and dine-in. I still suggest dining in here if you have time and try more of the items on their menu which I also plan to do anytime soon.

3.If you are not familiar with the place, there's a long elevated walkway from Greenbelt going to Dela Rosa Carpark, just follow the flow the walkway. You can easily find it since they normally display the stuff toys on the table facing the window.


SeCham, Unit 309, 3rd Floor, Dela Rosa Carpark 1
Dela Rosa Street, Legaspi Village, Makati