Siargao: Harana Surf Restaurant Drinks Review

I've stayed in Harana Surf Resort for a few days so I tried all the regular drinks on their menu plus a few of their special drinks. This is a separate blog from the Harana Surf Restaurant's food review. Here's an overview of what to expect when you dine at the resort's restaurant.

What is Harana Surf Restaurant?

I wrote a brief introduction of Harana Surf restaurant on my previous blog: Must-try dishes in Harana Surf Resort's Restaurant along with a review of their menu. This is a second part of the Food Blog since I tried quite a number of food and drinks and I wish to do a brief rundown of each item.


I can't seem to find the file where I saved the list of their drinks' menu but the usual range is from 120 pesos to 250 pesos only.

I am not a fan of hot drinks but I decided to try their Ginger Calamansi Tea. Ginger tea or popularly known in the Philippines as Salabat is a traditional drink made of broiled ginger added with calamansi and honey. This is the best drink during cold mornings in Siargao. I tried drinking half of it when it cooled down and eventually added ice since I always like my drinks cold.

The drink will be served with you along with a shot glass of honey and a shot glass of calamansi so it is up to your taste if you wish to add it on the tea itself.

The Sago't Gulaman is a Filipino sugar-based summer refreshment with vanilla flavoring. It contains the sago (tapioca pearl) and gulaman which is the (gelatin). This is served with ice or just usually cold. Since Siargao is an environment-friendly island, they usually make use of metal or bamboo straw so expect that their tapioca pearls are the smaller ones the usual size you drink from milk tea.

Meanwhile, their tropical drink Calamansi Juice gives us the most wanted citric taste of calamansi, something that most of my foreign friends would like to have whenever they are in the Philippines and with a bit of sweetness coming from the honey. This is also a highly recommended drink for those who want to complement oily or sweet food from their menu.

Another drink on their menu, they have the horchata, a plant-based drink with cinnamon and milk. This is also their welcoming drinks so expect to have it if you are planning to stay at the resort. As well, it is also available on their menu. It is a good refreshment after surfing or if you just don't want a very sweet drink.

If in case you want a fruit-based drink, they also have the Mango Banana Shake. Knowing that the Philippines is home to numerous sweet tropical fruits, expect to have a sweet combination of mango and banana in this shake. 

The local Engkanto Double Ipa has a sweet punch and citric taste as it contains more of citric fruits and passion fruit. Meanwhile, the special General Luna Blonde Ale is an exclusive drink produced and distributed only in the magical island of Siargao.

 I tried both and I must say that both drinks are strong for non-drinkers but it is still a must-try if you are visiting the island. What makes the beers more special is their locally designed artwork every bottle. Plus, it is perfect with the restaurant's sisig or lechon kawali.

I also tried their cocktail and since I am not strong with drinks, I definitely got into bed early after a glass of it. They served the drink aesthetically having a cherry and leaf added to it.

Ella's Recommendation

1. The drinks are available on the menu anytime unless stated that it is not available. Any of their drinks partners well with their food so there is really nothing to worry about especially if you plan to eat the fried ones.

2. If you plan to drink alcoholic beverages, they are open until 9PM during the weekdays and Sundays but when you plan to drink and party, the long night will start at 9PM. Siargao is a party island and you must try it at least once if you visit here.


Harana Surf Resort
Siargao Island, 2 Tuason Point
Brgy, General Luna, Surigao del Norte