L'Shef: Kimchi and Gourmet Tuyo Review

Looking for an affordable ready-to-eat Kimchi or gourmet tuyo? L'Shef delivers bottled gourmet favorites perfect for your next homemade recipes!


You can place your order via their page: L' Shef. The price list for all their products is already available on the page. After placing your order, they'll be giving you instructions for payments and your item can be picked up by your desired courier.


Bottled: Korean Kimchi (125 pesos), Gourmet Tuyo (200 pesos), Cheesecake in a Jar (90 pesos), (550 pesos), Dulong Garlic Crisp (200 pesos), Chili Garlic Crisp (200 pesos)

Pre-cooked food: Buffalo Wings (550 pesos), Bagoong Rice (550 pesos), Cheesy Garlic Baked Mussels (600 pesos), Baked Cheesecake (650 pesos), Teriyaki Wings (550 pesos), Tuyo & Kimchi Rice Meal (100 pesos), California Maki Rolls 


L'Shef Korean Kimchi product is still cold when it arrived at home. Their take on Kimchi is the fresh one wherein the vegetable is still crunchy and spicy at the same time. I decided to store it more for a week before using it since I like my Kimchi well-fermented before using it as an ingredient for kimchi pancake or kimchi fried rice. You may want to store it longer if you wish to use it for soup.

Their take on Kimchi isn't the super spicy one. It is just enough for that spicy kick you want but not overpowering for your tongue to suffer from the extreme hotness. It fits well with the Kimchi Jeon. (Kimchi Jeon Recipe)

Here's a look at L' Shef's Korean Kimchi fresh from the bottle! 
You may want to try it as side dish as well if you are eating Samgyupsal.

Another product of L'Shef that is highly recommended is their Gourmet Tuyo, I loved it with pasta especially when it is mixed with mushroom, longganiza and olive oil. I've been using gourmet tuyo for pasta ever since and their recipe for their bottled Gourmet tuyo is really good. It contains a number of siling labuyo and will surely increase your appetite once you open the bottle the smell started to come out.

Ella's Recommendation

1. You may want to mix kimchi rice with gourmet tuyo for a new taste. Two of these bottled goods can actually complement each other's flavor well so you can have them both mixed with rice!

2. As what I've mentioned above, the Kimchi will taste better on the soup if you store it longer inside the refrigerator for a few more days before consumption.


Esteban St., Mandaluyong City