Siargao: Must-try dishes at Harana Surf Resort's Restaurant

If you are visiting the island of Siargao here in the Philippines, I'll be sharing with you a must-visit restaurant located inside Harana Surf Resort. The restaurant offers generous servings of Filipino food to indulge in while you are on your well-deserved healing trip. 

What is Harana Surf Restaurant?

Harana Surf Restaurant is an Alfresco dining restaurant located inside the vicinity of Harana Surf Resort in Siargao. They offer a variety of traditional Filipino dishes and some with a modern twist. Each of their dishes is served generously and is plated with a balance of vegetables, meat, and carbs for that desired nutrients balance on your meal. 


A stylish sit-on-the-floor themed restaurant, the Harana Surf Resort's restaurant offers a unique Instagram worthy and nature-friendly designs for its guests and diners. The best part about this eco-friendly Alfresco dining experience is that they maximize the use of natural light in the morning and gives off that firefly-like colors at night when they start to turn on the lights.

At night, this is the best place to dine with your friends for a chill or a romantic dinner with your loved ones. If you are coming alone, it's a sure thing that you'll enjoy your most-deserved 'me' time you are aiming for when you are an island. The restaurant is just a few meters away from the shore of Tuason Point. While waiting for your order, you may roam around the resto to take photos or give it a short walk and check on the vicinity.


Take note that they have a different menu for breakfast and for lunch and dinner
The restaurant is open from 7AM to 9PM
For the review of their drinks, check it here: Harana Surf Restaurant Drinks 

Best Sellers

Harana Brined Porkchop - 350 pesos
Grilled pork chop marinated with fresh honey and Chef Gabe's special sauce. This is served with Ensalada, pinakbet, and choice of rice or mashed camote (sweet potato).

I have to commend their mashed camote since they have a good recipe for it. I initially thought that it will taste a bit overwhelming given that it is sweet but they got to balance the sweetness, saltiness, and savory taste to it. I tried both the rice and the sweet camote dish and I prefer the mashed camote one. Their serving is super generous, it contains a big cut of porkchop with a juicy and savory marinate. 

More so, the dish includes pinakbet (mixed vegetable dish) and Ensalada which pairs best with the pork chop. It has been cooked to perfection that there's nothing to worry about the meat being too rubbery or tough. 

For other meals, the Mashed Kamote (sweet potato) option is at 79 pesos unless stated on the menu that it can be a substitute for rice.

Lechon Kawali - 350 pesos
Braised, deep-fried pork belly served with rice, Ensalada, pinakbet, and Chef Gabe's homemade apple and pork liver paste sauce.

The big chunks of crispy deep-fried pork belly are actually too much for one. When I dined here during dinner and had it with a friend, we cannot finish our Lechon Kawali and Sisig that we ordered. I suggest that you just order one appetizer or vegetable dish, rice, and a plate of Lechon Kawali for sharing if you are only two. 

Also, their take on the Mang Tomas sauce is pretty much different from what you usually use as a sauce in Manila. Also, the dish includes pinakbet and Ensalada lessening the oily taste of the pork. Since their rice meals are pretty overloaded, it lacks a bit in terms of the plating and food styling. Nevertheless, the most important thing is that it tastes good. 

Shawarma Silog - 320 pesos / Vegetable Option - 260 pesos
Harana's Shawarma Silog is a Filipino take on the classic Levantine dish. It contains a generous amount of meat (choose from fish, chicken, pork, or beef) served with veggies, drizzled with special Harana Shawarma Sauce and wrapped in Pita bread, or served as toppings in a Silog rice bowl.

This is one of the meals I look forward to a lot because I am a huge fan of Shawarma and there's no way I can't skip this one. Since it is a silog, the shawarma contains a fried egg but it is over medium and it's only the yolk. It has a little portion of meat and is overloaded with cucumber. I am also wondering why there's too much cucumber in it.

The sauce is pretty strong taste and smell in terms of the eastern-like sauce. I should have tried it with pita bread than rice then this could have been perfect. I also don't think that it would taste better without the egg.

Harana Sizzling Chicken Joy - 350 pesos
Chef Juan's deep-fried boneless chicken served with signature country-style gravy, buttered vegetables in a sizzling plate with rice.

One of my most recommended among their menu dishes, the Harana Sizzling Chicken Joy is like a collaboration of the all-time favorite burger steak sauce, fried chicken, and buttered corn in one plate. It comes with a plate of rice so it is perfect for your dinner but having it with beer or cocktail is also good. What's special about this dish is that the chicken is crispy and the sauce is placed on a sizzling plate which makes it thicker as it gets warmer.

Sisig - 350 pesos
Crispy pork sisig with a kick of coconut milk and served in a sizzling plate served with rice

The crispy pork sisig may seem like your traditional sisig but it has a special sauce to it. It contains coconut milk but you will not notice its strong taste. I guess it but you'll feel that there is no greasy after taste on the pork. There is a kick of spiciness if you mixed it with the chili and it is good with rice as well. Most of all, it is perfect with beer or cocktails too.

Breakfast meals

Breakfast meals are included if you are staying in the resort (except for Family Youth Villa) guests. 

Three egg omelette - 350 pesos

(Choice of three fillings: tomatoes, eggplant, onions, leafy greens, scallions, cheese, bacon or longaniza) 

If you are not a fan of the following fillings, I overheard the guest seated next to me that she requested to have the fillings changed into mushroom instead. It's cool that the bread here is called 'pan de surf/' a locally made bread that has the size of a hotdog bun and is designed like a surf board, the main tourist attraction of Siargao.

Other food to try:

International Breakfast - 350 pesos
Homemade Fruit Pancakes - 280 pesos/ 350 pesos
Tortang Talong - 300 pesos
Fruit Plate - 180 pesos
Tuna Pan de surf - 350 pesos

Silog Meals

Moving on to their silog meals, Silog is a Filipino stype breakfast which stands for 'Sinangag (Fried Rice) and Itlog (Egg). Harana Surf Resort's 'silog' meals already include Harana Fried rice, fried egg, and Ensalada.

Tapsilog is probably one of the most popular kinds of silog anywhere in the Philippines. Harana's version is the traditional Homemade Tapa (marinated beef) with a bit of sweetness, saltiness, and savory taste. Most of their silog meals are the traditional ones like longganiza, tosino, and bacon. 

What's best is that their fried rice is special as well. It has a fragrant smell coming from the roasted garlic and goes along with the Ensalada. My favorite one is the chicken tosilog since it is well-marinated, soft and goes well with the vinegar, Ensalada and the fried rice.

Most recommended ones to try: Tapsilog, Pork Tosilog, Longganiza Silog, Chicken Tosilog - 350 pesos

Other available Silog meals:

Baconsilog - 350 pesos
Cornbeef Silog - 350 pesos
Bangsi Rasta Silog - 450 pesos

Ella's Recommendation

Other food finds that you should try:

During Saturdays, Harana Surf Resort conducts a huge party wherein everyone is all welcome to indulge in good food, dance on the music played by guest DJs, rock the night away with mild and hard liquors, and of course, mingle with the tourists and locals. The party usually starts at 9PM when the restaurant closes and ends at 12 midnight.

This is also when Harana opens its grounds to their employees' businesses by allowing their staff to sell their own food products during the party. Their other concessionaires like the local coffee shop 'Filibeans' and 'Leche' ice cream is also open during the party hours.


Harana Surf Resort
Siargao Island, 2 Tuason Point
Brgy, General Luna, Surigao del Norte