Many Unlimited Topokki: The First Unlimited Tteokbokki in the Philippines

Tteokbokki (also known as Topokki) is one of the most suggested Korean street food one must try when visiting South Korea. Guess what, it is more convenient and cheaper now that Many Topokki, the first unlimited Tteokbokki is now in the Philippines!

What is Many Unlimited Topokki?

Many Topokki is the first unlimited Tteokbokki restaurant in the Philippines that offers authentic Korean flavors with which you can DIY your own recipe of tteokbokki. They have a variety of choices for ingredients and even a few more ready-to-eat Korean dishes from their buffet table. 


Many Topokki has a long huge buffet table where you can pick your own ingredients for your tteokbokki. They also plenty of tables and seats for group diners and I love how they give enough space for each table to be placed side by side but still with enough space for intimate talks without being too loud to annoy the people seated next to you.

Aside from the cute circular tables, they also have the traditional rectangular table which you can connect with other tables if you are coming in big groups. It is also cute how they managed to set up the area with minimalistic look but has accented it with their MANY Topokki mascot. 


Unlimited Tteokbokki: (DIY) for only 365 pesos (inclusive of buffet)
You have an option to add cheese at P299 pesos (already good for 3-4 pax)
Bingsu is at 299 pesos (good for 3-4 pax already)

We tried a number of their dishes and instantly, my friend and I already included this restaurant in one of our must-try restaurants here in Metro Manila. Their sauces are super legit that it will surely make you miss South Korea. If you haven't been there yet, this is a good venue for your introduction to Korean street food. All the ingredients are fresh, the food in their buffet passes the criteria of homemade taste despite being commercially made. 

They have instant noodles to add on your tteokbokki and easily transform it to rabokki! The good thing is that they have a number of noodle styles aside from the usual instant ramyeon noodles so the texture of your rabokki will actually differ depending on the style you want. A little experiment won't hurt, right?

Whether you like your tteokbokki sweet, spicy, or something like a mix of each flavor, then here's Many Topokki offering seven kinds sauces for you to experiment and delight on. That includes the tteokbokki sauces like jajjang, curry, buldak spicy, many spicy, sweet, carbonara and Gungjung sauces. 

If you are not into spicy, try mixing jajjang and sweet. (This is usually my take on Tteokbokki ever since). You may also like the carbonara sauce. After all, their pan could allow you to cook two different flavors at the same time. If you are up for the spicy one, then let the buldak spicy sauce fire up your dish.

On their buffet table includes the ingredients for the Tteokbokki. Here, you can find 9 kinds of rice cake including the most popular ones like the regular tteok and sweet potato tteok. You will also notice the difference in color, shapes, and sizes of rice cakes. You'll be given a bowl to fill your ingredients for the DIY tteokbokki.

Here's a closer look at the ingredients. They have the common vegetables that you usually add to your tteokbokki. Just a little suggestion, put more leaks, onions, and cabbage to your tteokbokki for a better taste. They also have toppings to go along with you tteokbokki but of course, I will go for the all-time favorite sausage and fish cake for my own set of DIY tteokbokki.

I've been so vocal about my superior love for damuji (yellow radish) so seeing that it is available here as a part of the buffet is a two-thumbs up approval for me already. Plus, they already chopped the kimchi so it is easier to make Kimchi fried rice or it can easily be added on your tteokbokki if you wanted to. Damuji is perfect to add on your jajjang bokki (jajjangmyeon sauce) but it can go along with other sauces too.

More than the Tteokbokki, they also have the all-time favorite Korean street foods including fish cakes, fried chicken, and other fried snacks. More than that, they have side dishes like Japchae, Kim, and even salads. The fish cake bar is so special to me. I felt like I am back in the days when we used to go out during winter just to eat fish cakes along the streets of South Korea. Of course, they have the usual sauces available there too. 

They also have classic and yangnyeom flavored chicken. It feels like heaven when you actually get the chance to eat all your favorite food in a single place. More so, they even offer unlimited fries and onion rings on their buffet menu.

Look at how perfect they rolled the kimbap and the other rolls. I am envious that I still can't roll my kimbap properly! The rolls don't just differ in color, each has its own unique taste! Anyway, the kimbap and the sauce of the fish cake matches well.

Another good thing about Many Topokki is that they have a number of instant noodles that you can add to your tteokbokki if you have an exact preference for the noodle brand.

If you already feel overwhelmed with the food, fret not as they have fruits too!

Ella's Recommendation

1. If you are actually troubled on how you can DIY the recipe, don't be afraid as the staff will be teaching you how to cook it for the first time!

2. For some people, the price will seem like it is too expensive given that you can purchase packed tteokbokki starting at 100 pesos but I tell you that the quality of the food, the taste, and the choices here in this restaurant is more than the amount you pay for.

3. I don't usually say this but this is the kind of restaurant that I'll be bringing my friends so they would experience how good Korean food is more than the usual Samgyupsal experience that everyone already knows.

4. If you are visiting here, please invite me too so we have fun chatting here! :)


556 Remedios Circle, Malate, Manila City