Weird Unforgettable Things I Did at The Airport

What are your most unforgettable moments at the airport? That's probably when you had some of the weirdest things you did that make it unforgettable. Here are some of the funny and awkward moments I had to date:

1. I unpacked my luggage before entering the airport

It was a flight to South Korea and everything is all set, my luggage is already prepared a week before the travel schedule. I have my things all over our living room but I am the type of person who is organized with my own mess so I know where my things are despite how much disorganized it is. I placed one of my trench coats inside my luggage and one is for hand carry. My mom placed the hand carry one near our door but I wasn't able to see it when

 I realized that I forgot to bring my trench coat along with me when I arrived at the airport and I don't have enough time to go back home or ask someone at home to bring it for me. So I decided to open my luggage, unpack to get my extra coat while some of the people in the waiting area were all looking at me.

2. My friends and I spent a night at the airport to meet Dara Park

The fangirl in me actually made it to the point wherein I and my friends decided to go to the airport and spend the night waiting for Sandara Park's departure back to South Korea. It's actually worth the wait since we were only six at that time and it was a pretty close encounter with her.

3. Welcoming Kpop idols

Probably not a new thing for Kpop fans now. But back then, people find it strange that there are fans who welcome idols at the airport without any assurance if they could have a chance to see them or not. I've done this a number of times already and it got seriously stricter nowadays than how it is before especially when popular actors, actresses, or idols arrive.

4. Getting lost at the airport

Probably another weird thing that actually happened to us twice in Jeju, my friend and I got lost as soon as we arrived. We can't find our tour guide and the buses were all identical that it gets really confusing as we took our luggage and moved to our buses.

More so, as we are about to depart. We entered the wrong gate for our luggage check-in that all of us literally walked through all the possible check-in gates just to find out that the farthest gate opposite to our direction is actually the gate that we should enter.

5. Leaving the airport without my luggage

Probably one of the weirdest things that happened to me in Siargao. As soon as I arrived, I went out of the airport without realizing that I haven't taken yet my luggage bag. One reason is that I got used to bringing my backpack only that I forgot that I have luggage. I was too exhausted that day as well so I am not even in my right thinking.

I was already inside the van when I realized that I forgot my bag so I entered the airport once again. Good thing that provincial airports weren't that strict in terms of re-entry or else I am in huge trouble. The van driver also laughed with me after I told him my 'out of my mind moment.'

6. Downloading Kdramas before departure

Since I am traveling into an island at that time and our home internet didn't even cooperate the night before my departure date, I decided to come early to the airport and start downloading kdrama episodes. 

The good thing is that the internet at the airport is pretty fast that I got to download an hour-long episode for only three minutes each. Thus, I successfully downloaded 3 kdramas with 16-episodes each, something that's just enough for my week-long island night-life after work chill time.

7. Lining up at the wrong queue

I've been totally drained in one of my travels back to Manila and so I already expected that my mind and soul are no longer in my body. Thus, it might sound super weird but I really lined up in the wrong queue. What's the funnier thing? 

I even passed on the boarding gate. Only means the person checking the boarding passes wasn't in his right mind too. The weirdest thing is that it happened to me twice on the same day since I have connecting flights.

8. Riding the wrong plane

And so, given that I entered the wrong boarding gate with an invalid boarding pass for the said flight, I got to ride the wrong plane. The only way we all found out that it was the wrong flight is when the right seat owner finally boarded the flight and that I got kicked out of the plane shortly after the flight attendant checked on the boarding pass. That's the only time that I realized too that I am not on the right flight.

9. Bringing along a 100ml jar of blueberry jam as a hand-carry item

Probably one of the most nerve-wracking among my experience, I got to hold at the immigration for bringing along 100ml of blueberry jam as a hand-carry item. They checked everything inside my bag and they found out that it was just blueberry jam, We all laughed after realizing that it still fits the 100ml maximum liquid allowed and so they just gave me plastic and helped me pack by back-up once again.

10. Buying pasalubong upon arrival

When you arrive in a certain country and it's the last day of sale at the duty-free, what else should you do aside from doing your shopping at the airport upon your arrival? While my cousins were in the comfort room, I decided to check on the duty-free area and buy a few chocolates for pasalubong. After, act normal as if nothing happened.

Do you have any weird airport experiences too?