Kantina Sabel: Doble Samgyup for only 190 pesos (Free Delivery)

For the first time, I decided to try a ready-to-eat samgyupsal delivery and it is from Kantina Sabel. It is a hidden gem in Amorsolo, Makati. I recently passed by in one of their online ads and decided to try their 'Doble Samgyup' (double samgyupsal) promo at 190 pesos.

What is Kantina Sabel?

Kantina Sabel is a Filipino restaurant that offers a variety of well-loved Pinoy comfort food at a very affordable price. Since the place is quite near our house, I am surprised that the restaurant already exists for a year now and have never heard about it yet despite me passing by the street where it is located. Thus, I decided to check it online and found out that it is located in Red Planet Amorsolo.


Doble Samgyup is priced at 190 pesos.
It contains 2 orders of Samgyupsal, garlic fried rice and egg drop soup.

Free delivery for some areas in Makati given the minimum order.
The minimum order is actually lower than the usual minimum orders for other restaurants.


This is one set meal perfect for your sudden Samgyupsal cravings or if your craving for it and you are on a tight budget. It is not the super fancy ones that you often see on all my other reviews. It actually comes with the basics only, ssamjang, grilled pork belly, and lettuce. Despite its simplicity, it managed to satisfy the sudden desire to eat grilled meat.

As for the soup, I initially thought that it would taste a little bit similar to dwaenjang soup given that they are promoting 'Samgyup' but it tasted more like Tom Yum soup. Even so, the strong taste is there and since I am a huge fan of Tom Yum, I like their take on egg drop soup.

Aside from their doble samgyup promo, they also have doble pares too which is why they serve garlic fried rice. When the food arrived at home, it is still super hot. I just tried Samgyupsal with fried rice for the first time since it is not a Korean thing but it's pretty good actually. The meat itself isn't the fancy ones you often eat in a samgyupsal place but the quality is still there and the serving size is just enough and competitive for its price. 

If you are a big eater, the 190 pesos doble samgyup which comes with two orders of meal set is already enough for one. To think that two orders of it is only at 190 pesos, this is still cheaper than other restaurant deliveries. Plus the free delivery service that comes with it. I am excited to try their other set meals like the Doble kansi, tapa, and pares.

Ella's Recommendation

Here's a sample of their order confirmation (via email)

1. I order via their website kantinasabel.ph but as I write this article, I noticed that their website is down. Instead, you can message their page Kantina Sabel. I tried messaging their page when I ordered and they are very approachable. They would follow up if you received a confirmation order and will update you on your delivery. 

2. If you prefer to pay cashless, you can send a message on their page and they will send you a Gcash account or bank details where you can pay. On the other hand, they also have COD option for deliveries. You may have them picked up too at their restaurant.


Ground Floor, Red Planet Hotel, Urban Avenue, Legaspi Village, Makati City