Yakikai Restaurant's Samgyupsal Delivery Experience

A feast on Korean BBQ, sushi, maki, and numerous Korean side dishes, here's Yakikai Restaurant to add up on your next Korean and Japanese restaurant that you should try! Here's the full review:

What is Yakikai Restaurant?

Yakikai is a Korean and Japanese restaurant serving authentic Korean food and Japanese favorites. It is a one-stop-shop for your Korean BBQ cravings and a sushi and sashimi haven too. They are open for your next dining experience or have it straightly delivered at home for free with a minimum order of 1,000 pesos worth of food.


Prices of the dishes to be featured in this blog are all via ala carte prices.
They also have set meals that you can check on their page.
Minimum of PHP 1,000 orders - Free delivery and sidedishes


Want to bring home the Samgyupsal experience to your family or friends? Yakikai's menu is the perfect fit for those who love Korean and Japanese dishes at the same time. Currently, this is one of my favorite Korean restaurants given the quality of the food, the taste, the pricing, and the variety on their menu.

On to the meats that I tried, they have the Plain Samgyupsal at 270 pesos and the Plain Beef at 320 pesos, you can see how fresh the meats are by just looking at the color. In case you are not yet familiar with plain pork and beef samgyupsal, the beef one is darker than pork. 

As for the beefsteak at 490 pesos, tt is marinated with herbs already and it will give off that aromatic smell once you open the packaging. More so, once it starts to get cooked.

For two of my favorites, the Spicy Pork is at 290 pesos. Once it gets cooked, it will taste similar to jeyuk bokkum or Korean stir-fried spicy pork. Even the aroma of this meat is so close to it. The other one is the tare beef. The Tare beef is at 350 pesos, tare is a Japanese term for dipping sauce. In this dish, it means it has been marinated using the special yakiniku sauce.

Moving on to the highlights, they have the Maki rolls having 16 pieces at 320 pesos. It contains spicy tuna roll, the regular tuna roll, and the California maki. The spicy tuna maki has a strong spicy kick on the outer layer of the roll that my dad actually mistook it for the regular California Maki given that they are both orange. Overall, I know that these rolls are fresh and are of high quality since the taste is bursting out with flavors.

To a more Japanese feel, the fresh Salmon Sashimi is at 320 pesos and their Sushi (12 pcs) is at 390 pesos. Well, aside from my loving kimchi and Korean food, I am in love with sashimi and sushi. When I was working in Cubao, I often try various Sushi restaurants at least once a week that I could easily tell when it is fresh or not by just looking at the colors and the smell. Yakikai's sashimi is in really good quality.

Lastly, they have the kimchi at 120 pesos per tub and lettuce at 90 pesos. Side dishes including marbled potatoes, salad, corn, and kimchi jeon are free. I didn't get to take a proper photo of the Kimchi but I assure you that the quality is really good. It is well seasoned and well fermented. The lettuce is also fresh. I am surprised to see sliced onions and thin slices of squash that goes along with it. I often grill it with my Korean friends only. I've never seen a Korean restaurant here in Manila that actually gives this too so it is a plus point for this resto.

Ella's Recommendation

1. 3 best must-tries: Spicy Pork, Sushi, Sashimi

2. Fun fact: When I eat out with my Korean friends, we normally go for the plain meat, have it toasted on the grill, and put a lot of other veggies on the grill. Afterward, put them all together as a wrap and the whole grilling experience is super different.


You can check on their menu via their page: Yakikai Restaurant 
You may order from 10am - 5pm (Delivery time until 6pm)

For orders, you may call and text them:
Globe: 0927-138-3980 / Smart: 0929-823-5452


122 Scout Lazcano St, Brgy Sacred Heart, Quezon City