Mini Cream Puffs from PICK N' CHEAT Sweets

Fan of cream puffs too? My mom is a total fan of cream puff and so it's a big happiness for her to see a starting business called PICK N' CHEAT Sweets offering a tub of it for only 80 pesos. Here's a quick review:


1. Place your order via their page
2. Select your payment method. (COD, UNION BANK and Gcash)
3. Delivery via Angkas and Grab delivery. (Buyer will be the one to shoulder the delivery fee.)
4. Pick Up location at Buting, Pasig.


We ordered their Chocolate Coated Cream Puff priced at 100 pesos per tub and the Caramelized Cream Puff at 85 pesos per tub.


To be exact we ordered two tubs of the caramelized cream puffs having 10 pieces each tub. It is bite-sized so it is easy to eat. I am sure that it is newly made when it arrived at home after delivery because it is still hot and the smell is sweets is pretty strong when we opened the tub. Since I am not really into chocolates, I like this more than the other one.

Here are a few samples of their cream puffs. It is perfect for afternoon tea or coffee. In our case, we enjoyed it without anything, literally just as it is. It is suggested that you consume it asap so you can enjoy the freshness of this pastry. We have leftover cream puffs the next day and the caramel is all-melted already. Nevertheless, the quality is still good. 

We only ordered a tub of chocolate and I tried a piece. I am not really a fan of chocolates but to make this review fair, I tried a piece and they actually used dark chocolate to it. More so, it complements well with the cream inside. The filling of their cream puff is actually generous but not too sweet so you won't feel overwhelmed at all.

Ella's Recommendation

If you are a fan of sweets, you better order more than a tub so you can also maximize the amount of shipping fee for your order. As well, they also have Brownies, Cookies, and Dulce Ice Cream Cake that you can try too.

Check on their page: PICK N' CHEAT sweets