Trying out Bossam and Kimchi Jeon from Sodam Restaurant

Kimchi Jeon is one of my staple food at home. I normally cook it when I feel like eating it. I have no idea that there is a restaurant that offers Kimchi Jeon and Bossam that comes in a package here in Metro Manila so I am surprised that Sodam Restaurant actually got authentic Korean dishes for dine-in and deliveries more than the usual Samgyupsal set.

What is Sodam Restaurant?

Sodam Restaurant is a Korean restaurant that offers affordable unlimited Korean dishes & grilling. They have buffet for your most awaited Korean dining experience. Also, they are offering various set meals for delivery to have your next K-food experience at the comfort of your home.


Herbal Bossam Set priced at 1,299
Good for 2-3 pax

Herbal Bossam set contains the following: Bossam (herbal boiled pork belly), Fish Katsu, Kimchi Jeon (Kimchi Pancake), Kimchi (350 grams), Lettuce, Garlic, Chili and three kinds of sauces. 


This set is called the Herbal Bossam Set priced at 1,299 and perfect for two to three people. Even if we were three who ate this at home, we had it with rice so we still have a lot of leftovers. I might say that the set is good probably for four or five if you plan to have it with rice. But if not, it really fits two to three people.

Herbal Bossam is a Korean dish wherein pork belly gets boiled for a long time with various herbs for better taste. Since Jeju Island is known for the most flavorful meat in South Korea, they know how to do their dishes well and I'm happy that I actually tried this dish there before.

This is a good replacement for a healthier version of Samgyupsal. Eating this always reminds me of my favorite restaurant in Korea, Da Hae Jeong. I even wish that it is easy to find a restaurant or Korean mart here in the Philippines that sells Ojingeochae Muchim (Spicy Dried Squid Strips) or Fermented squid side dish (Ojingeojeot) to go along with it. Compared to the one I tried in Jeju, Sodam's version is a little sweeter but I think that it will fit Filipinos' style more.

Their Bossam is pretty much traditional. If it is your first time eating it, the perfect way to eat it is to wrap it with lettuce and side dishes, or else, you'll kinda feel bloated since the meat fat's oil is pretty much intact with the meat given that it is boiled. This is perfect with Kimchi especially when you put it in a wrap.

This dish is Fish Katsu. Funny enough, I had fish katsu the day before this set arrived at home. The only difference is that this katsu tastes better than the one I had the day earlier. I wish they added more sauce on the katsu but I guess they only put a little so the fish will still be crunchy as your order arrives. It's the usual katsu that you can eat in the mall but their sauce is good. 

In case you are wondering why they have fish katsu in this set meal. I guess it is pretty much the same as our experience in Da Hae Jeong where Bossam is served with fish and seafood side dishes.

Moving on to the Kimchi Jeon, I am glad that my parents were able to eat a Kimchi Pancake that's not too spicy. Since both my mom and dad aren't both fans of spicy food, I usually end up eating Kimchi Jeon by myself. I highly recommend this if you are not good at handling spicy food but would still love to try a different take on Kimchi. 

For the Kimchi, the (350 grams is already enough to go along with your bossam given that there's already kimchi on the Kimchi Jeon. The flavor is good but it would be good if they fermented it a little more. There are cuts that taste blunt and still super crunchy. Overall, I love the flavors so I just decided to keep it in the fridge for the flavors to settle a bit more. The order contains a generous amount of lettuce, garlic, and chili to add on your bossam wrap. Also, they have 3 kinds of sauces including the ssamjang. 

Ella's Recommendations

1. Since I tried this father's day. I highly suggest that you give it a try during special occasions or if you just randomly wish to try Bossam or Pajeon.

2. For a better experience, you may want to try it with a soup that's a bit spicy or ramyeon if you have one at home.


You may contact their page: Sodam Restaurant
Contact Number: 0905 393 4190 / 7238 3593


17 J. Abad Santos Drive, Little Baguio, San Juan City