Mini Kimbap (Mayak Kimbap) Recipe

Mini Kimbap (also known as Mayak Kimbap) is an easy to make kimbap that you can serve as a snack or side dish normally with ramyeon or tteokbokki. Mini Kimbap can also be fried as well.

I learned this recipe during the 2019 Global Taste of Korea, a competition for Korean food enthusiasts. This recipe came from one of the Master Chef's in South Korea and she handled one of the cooking demos wherein registered participants got to learn new Korean food recipes and practice it on the spot with the guest chef.

I was assigned to assist during the cooking class so I got to try the chef's dish and even had the chance to do the preparation by myself. Since rolling Kimbap is one of my weaknesses in Korean food, this is an easy remedy given that the roll is smaller and it is easier to prepare and cut.

Making this dish is also a good bonding for parents and children for it is easy to make and instructions are pretty much easy-to-follow for beginners.


1 piece carrot (Julienne)
1 piece cucumber (Julienne)
Damuji (yellow pickled radish)
Kim (laver) - can be the regular one and cut it into 4
Optional: Sliced cooked meat/crab sticks

For the rice:
Sesame seed
Sesame oil (1 tbsp)
Rice (2 cups)
pinch of salt


Prepare the ingredients mentioned above. We only used vegetables for this recipe and so here's the cucumber and carrots both julienned. The yellow radish can already be bought perfectly sized for kimbap so you just need to open the packaging.

We used the regular kimbap sheets so we cut it into four. Instead of using scissors to cut it, we just fold the package lengthwise and crosswise and Kim has already been cut when once you remove it from the package. This is a cool hack from the master chef!

Rice must be hot for you to be able to achieve the perfect roll. Just be careful especially if you are doing this recipe with kids. In a bowl, mix the two cups of rice, 2 tbsp of sesame oil, a pinch of salt, and a tbsp of a sesame seed (or more depending on your liking). You may want to add chili powder too if you want your kimbap spicy. Sometimes, I also add bits of kimchi on this mixture for an enhanced flavor.

Place your mixed rice on your Kim, flatten it until you cover the whole Kim. Placed your julienned cucumber, carrots, yellow radish, and if you have other ingredients that you wish to add. (You may want to add your meat or sliced scrambled eggs too.)

Make sure that all your ingredients were placed on the edge of the Kim before you start rolling. This will prevent the ingredients from falling. Try to squeeze it a little as you roll it so the roll's gonna be evenly distributed as it gets packed. You can cut it half after. 

Here's the finish product! If forgot to take a photo of the sauce but the best one to use is the Korean soy sauce (Korean soy sauce is a bit sweeter than the usual soy sauce in the supermarket), add a bit of sesame oil and chili paste or wasabi. We also added a bit of mustard paste too.