Siargao: Sugba Lagoon and Kawhagan Island (My Siargao Guide Tour)

Here's to a memorable two-tourist spot tour in Siargao, the My Siargao Guide Tour made it convenient for us to check on Sugba Lagoon and Kawhagan Island on a joiner type of tour for a whole day of fun-filled water experience! Here's what to expect in this itinerary.

What is My Siargao Guide?


Price: 2,000 pesos
I can guarantee that they have the best value for money on the tours I tried.

What to expect in the My Siargao Guide Itinerary?

• Assembly at Bravo Resort at 8 AM

Assembly at the Bravo Resort is sharp 8 AM. They will only give 10 minutes of grace period for late-comers. This is also the biggest crowd among the ones I tried having 2 huge vans as participants for the tour. We are probably around 20 people and to think that it is not peak months yet, it is a pretty good number already. We had a short briefing before leaving the resort.

• 45-minute drive from General Luna to Del Carmen Port

We drove to Del Carmen, leaving General Luna with sunny weather yet when we are already in the middle of our road trip, the rain suddenly poured down that it was zero visibility. This is actually a new experience for me. 

We arrived at the port and found out that there's actually a souvenir shop at the port itself and the people here are really welcoming. They randomly ask you your place of origin and just random things about you. As we wait for our boat, we also had some snacks included in the tour.

It was pretty hot and sunny when we left the port to Sugba Lagoon. Siargao is an all-year-round summer so having this kind of weather is a bit unusual. We've seen a number of fishing vehicles and the areas surrounding the Sugba lagoon are mangroves. 

Sugba Lagoon gives us a scenic view of the island having turquoise-colored lagoon and greens surrounding the lagoon. Aside from its picturesque view, they have numerous water activities to try and that includes kayaking, paddling, snorkeling, diving, and swimming.

The rent for the water activity types of equipment isn't included in the fees paid at My Siargao Guide. Rates and detailed experience here: Sugba Lagoon Activities

Also, Sugba Lagoon only allows a limited number of people so the area won't be exploited and they can maintain and preserve the area. The good thing about being on a tour is that they'll be the ones coordinating for everything and the only thing that you need to do is enjoy.

• 15 to 20-minute boat ride from Sugba Lagoon to Kawhagan Island

After spending about two hours in Sugba Lagoon, our team headed to Kawhagan Island. It is not that far as we spent roughly about a 15-minute boat ride only going to the other island. The boat can accommodate up to 10 seating guests so I am seating with another solo joiner.

• Boodle Fight (Food)

We took a photo with the whole joiners team before having a feast for our lunch.

It's a feast! We were served with grilled fish, grilled pork (liempo), chicken curry, ceviche, rice, vegan noodles (vegetable pancit), vegetable skewers, fresh fruits, and a number of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The amount of food served on us is actually more than enough and they are really good.

• Kawhagan Island

Kawhagan Island is a white-sand beach wherein you get to enjoy a peaceful afternoon compared to the active time you spent in Sugba Lagoon. We are lucky to see the long white sand bar before the high tide and it has a scenic water view and island vibe background. There are only trees and a few numbers of cottages on this island and it's not even crowded at all. 

Here's a peaceful view of the sand bar, the waters, and the skyline in Kawhagan Island. Right after taking this photo, it started to rain a lot and it is already our time to go back to Del Carmen and drive back to General Luna.  

• 20-minute boat ride from Kawhagan Island back to Del Carmen Port

It took us a while before reaching back to the port since it was raining hard. It's the first time that I traveled via boat while it is raining so this is a new mini-heart attack experience for me but thank God that we arrived safely. As we docked, there's actually a huge crocodile display here at the port. They said that it is taken from the waters here too. I only noticed it when we arrived back in the area.