Ottogi Black Bean Sauce With Beef (쇠고기짜장) Review

Did you ever had that moment when cravings for a certain Korean food suddenly kicked in and you just want it in an instant? I had this sudden craving for Jajjangmyeon and so I tried the 3-minute easy to prepare Ottogi Black Bean Sauce With Beef (쇠고기짜장) for my noodles.

What is Ottogi Black Bean Sauce With Beef (쇠고기짜장)?

This easy-to-prepare black bean (jajjang) sauce is perfect for your rice meal or noodles. It is perfect for those who lack time to prepare their food since you just need to open the packaging, add it on the rice and have it microwaved for 2-3 minutes.


I ordered it in a Korean mart online and had it delivered at home with other Instant Jajjang products so I can differentiate each through a review.


One box (good for 1 meal) is at 85 pesos SRP.


The packaging comes in a box with the instructions at the back. The back part though is all in the Korean language and let me just summarize the important details. Based on the texts written at the back part of the box, the product contains stir-fried onion, savory paste and New Zealand beef for a rich flavor.

There is also a cooking instruction to follow:

1. When cooking using the microwave: Pour over the rice and heat for 2 mins (if rice is hot already) at 700W or 1 minute at 1000W.
Important: *Do not put the packaging directly inside the microwave.

2. For pot cooking (Jajjangmyeon): Boil your noodles for about 3 mins and 30 seconds and add the heated jajjang sauce.

This is how the inside package looks like. It also suggests that you heat the packaging by dropping it in a hot water for 2-3 minutes before pouring it on your noodles/rice. This is an option in case you do not have a microwave.

I am surprised to see a few pieces of diced potatoes probably about five pieces and the same goes with the beef cuts as well. For its price, it is already a good deal. I just find the taste lacking a bit. I prefer using the jajjang powder and have it mixed with noodles or rice than this one. But if I am in a hurry, this one is already good to go. It is not something that you'd want to store at home since it lacks the flavor that you wish for Jajjang and you'd end up adding more seasonings for it to taste.

For a better taste, I added more cabbage and beef on top of my noodles. This one is already good to go. Just make sure that you only put little noodles or rice to adjust on the amount of the sauce or you'll end up eating noodles that are lacking in flavor.